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Celebrating Kenu's New Office

On February 26th, we threw a party to celebrate our move into a beautiful new office in the Mission district of San Francisco and to showcase photography taken by Conor Tourmarkine during Sam Cossman's latest expedition, which was sponsored by Kenu. Chicago house music legend DJ Heather and San Francisco's DJ Duserock christened the new VOID sound system and custom Dual DJ booth while guests enjoyed drinks from Barrel Head Brewhouse and delicious empanadas from Off the Grid food truck El Sur. To ensure everyone was able to have a good time and get home safely, we provided free rides home with Lyft. Big thanks to all our partners and guests for making our first party a huge success!  Event Photography by Steven Gregory

Stance Featured in Real Simple


Real Simple magazine provides their readers with clever, practical solutions to everyday challenges. In the March print issue, they feature "four ingenious products to make your day easier" on page 42, with Stance featured as number two on the list! They describe Stance as "[perfect] for crisp, brilliant picture taking and lending a helping hand for selfies using a timer". How have you used Stance to make your day easier? 

Gear Up for 2015

In need of some cool, new spring gear? From a self-flying drone to an electric longboard that can cruise 22 MPH, Men's Journal covers the most innovative new toys, tools, and gadgets for 2015 in their March print issue, and we're happy that Stance made the list.

According to the article, Stance is an "iPhone's secret weapon" and, "the perfect perch, allowing you to watch movies or capture epic selfies and time-lapse photos". We couldn't agree more! Pick up a copy to check out the article for other cool spring gear ideas, which start on page 57.

Kenu Featured in Final Print Issue of MacWorld!

Hurry on over to your local newsstand to pick up a copy of the last printed issue of MacWorld magazine! After thirty years in print, MacWorld is converting to an all-digital publication. We are very proud to have made it into their final print edition. Check out Highline featured on page 60 and read up on MacWorld's "iOS Auto Essentials", starring Airframe and Airframe+ as the ultimate car mounts on page 66. Big thanks to MacWorld for the features and Tom Zikas, who took the gorgeous Tahoe shot!

Everyone Loves a Summer Road Trip!

Planning a road trip this summer?! We have the ideal guide to help you get on your way! Pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal weekend edition for the dates of June 14-15, or check it out HERE online, to find out their "Fifty Reasons to Love the Road Trip". They feature places to visit, travel gear and plenty of fun ideas to get you inspired. We especially agree with #29, as you should never leave home without an Airframe when hitting the open road! Enjoy!

Airframe in White!

Hold the Phone! With summer officially underway, we are excited to announce a new, elegant, WHITE color for Airframe! The new WHITE Airframe functions just like the original, in a new eye catching color. As accessories are key in every season, add some variety into your Airframe assortment, and pull out your summer white!

Say Hello To HIGHLINE for iPhone 5/5s.

Kenu is proud to announce our second generation HIGHLINE for the iPhone 5/5s! Highline is a clever security leash and protective case system that provides peace of mind while capturing photos and video in the most precarious situations. Whether you are on a chairlift, whale watching, zip–lining, rock climbing, or entertaining your child, Highline will be there to provide the ultimate protection for your iPhone. Highline also keeps your iPhone safe from accidental drops, absent mindedness, and even deters theft, all while protecting it from scuffs and scratches.

New Snow, New Squaw/Alpine Meadows iPhone Case!

Ski Season at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows has finally arrived with all the new snow!! We at Kenu have been preparing all winter for this moment by using our amazing custom Squaw iPhone case. Now it's your turn to add this case into your collection by picking one up at any participating Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows retail store. Or you might just spot a Kenuian on the slopes during the weekends handing out some FREE cases!

Fall into Fashion...

With fall just around the corner we are shifting our wardrobes for the season! We at Kenu are so excited to announce the release of our two new Parker limited edition iPhone 5 cases, to add into our collection. Designed in two gorgeous prints from the latest Parker collection, these cases are the perfect fall accessory.

Laurieanne Gilner and Derek Farrar are the smart and savvy New York design team behind Parker, a women’s contemporary clothing line they launched in 2008. Gilner and Farrar focus on creating designs that speak to the chic, modern city girl with an unparalleled sense of style. Get your very own Parker Fall 2013 case with purchase of any Parker item on their site at!

Win Airframe from Road & Track's Ultimate Travel Gear Giveaway

Now that summer is officially here, it's time to hit the open road! You're going to need cool travel gear like a Filson Duffel Bag, Ray-Ban shades, DeLorme satellite communicator, and of course, Airframe. However, you don't have to dish out any of your own moolah to own this cool stuff. You just need to enter Road & Track's Ultimate Travel Gear Contest. Hurry... because the contest ends July 1st. You can register here.

Helping Make Tech Chic!


We all know your phone wants to look as fashion forward as you do… why should you have all the fun?! Enter Theyskens’ Theory, whose amazing designs and products help make the world a more fashionable place. Their garments have been featured in high fashion magazines, as well as graced the bodies of many models and celebrities. Now that Theyskens’ Theory and Kenu have teamed up, your iPhones can experience the thrill of the chic!

Available at select Theyskens' Theory retailers as a gift with purchase. Contact Theyskens' Theory for more information. Thank you to our friend, STOP IT RIGHT NOW for letting Kenu use her gorgeous picture above! Please follow @STOPITRIGHTNOW on Twitter/Instagram

Airframe in the Press!


Check out the write-ups from Charlie Sorrell from Cult of Mac and Xavier Lanier from GottaBeMOBILE. We couldn't thank them more for their time and effort in providing their readers a detailed and informative read on the Airframe. Airframe is also seen in Macworld's, iOS Accessories of the week! Visit the Airframe product page and make sure to reserve yours (shipping in April).

Highline in Print around the world!

Here's what our friends over at Onboard (in Germany) had to say, "Now the Kenu Highline is a really clever little safety gadget for your phone that will hopefully mean you never lose yours on the hill again. It consists of a compact coil cable that one one end attaches to your jacket while at the other locks securely into your phone's charging dock. No more retracing your steps around the park, keeping an ear out for the ringtone of a dropped phone. We are stoked on this!"

And Slug Magazine...

"Kenu’s Highline is a Kevlar safety leash that attaches securely to your iPhone (4s, 4, 3GS, 3) or iPod (touch, classic, nano) the same way your charger would. If you’re as vain as I am (and you are—I follow you on Instagram), this product is near genius. It’s one of those things you wish you’d thought of first. There are so many times that I’ve held my iPhone out in front of me to take a selfie, gripping the sides with all the muscles in my fingers, hoping it’s not going to drop to an expensive death. The Highline is also ideal for cycling. I know, I know, “What are you doing on your phone while riding a bike?!” At least I’m not driving a two-ton death machine while I pull out my phone (yeah, I’m looking at YOU). I actually lost my last phone when I stuck it in my back pocket and the to-and-fro motion of my ass wiggled it out while pedaling. With the Highline, I can attach it to my belt loop or even the strap on my Velo City Bag, and know my iPhone’s gonna make it home so I can #latergram all of my adventures. That’s really the only downside to the Highline—you have to have some kind of “loop” to tie it to, or there’s no way to use it, but unless you often find yourself in Velcro onesies, that shouldn’t be a major problem." –Esther Meroño 

Thank You!


Thanks to your astounding support, the first batch of 1000 units of AIRFRAME (which will ship end of March) is completely sold out! We are overwhelmed by the positive response Airframe has received, and we can't wait to see them in use on the road. The second batch will be shipping in April, and you can pre-order yours here. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Kenu ( or refer to the Airframe product page. We look forward to hearing about your much improved driving experience.

Announcing... AIRFRAME!


Welcome to an improved driving experience with your Smartphone! Kenu is incredibly happy to announce our awesome new product Airframe, the first portable Smartphone car mount that you will be excited to use. Let's face it, most of us drive distracted with our Smartphone, because the current car mount solutions are too big, bulky, use suction cups, adhesives, block our line of sight, and generally have a face that only a mother would love :)

Beautifully designed... Airframe weighs under an ounce and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It works with any vent type (horizontal, vertical, angled). Airframe also doubles as a hands-free travel stand, making it the perfect companion on long plane or train rides. You can Pre-Order Airframe for a limited time for $25 (includes free shipping to the US and Canada).

Check out the Airframe video above and we would be grateful if you could help spread the word!

A developer's best friend!



New Relic provides a new kind of app performance management solution.  They will help you track what your customers are experiencing; from the moment they click until the page has loaded. Once you become a customer you may be one of the lucky ones to receive a "Data Nerd" custom branded iPhone case... check out the video above.  These cases arrived just in time for the launch of their new iPhone app.  Nerds are definitely the new cool and we can see why.  They are driving the economy in new directions and that it’s never been a better time to be a nerdpreneur :)

Listen to your favorite stations in style!


The hardworking employees of Pandora now get to listen to their favorite stations in style when using their iPhones. They have grown to be one of the most widely used apps in the US, and are proud to represent their company. Get a sneak peak at these insider cases, and we can all be jealous together that we don't have one to "rock" on our iPhones.  We thank Pandora for allowing us to listen to our favorite music while on the go or hard at work in the office... at least we can "rock" to their stations!

Who loves discounted lift tickets? We do... thanks to Liftopia!


What's better than freshies on a powder day? Not much, but discounted lift tickets is pretty darn close. Kenu just partnered up with Liftopia to make these sweet iPhone 5 cases and if you haven't checked them out yet, they're running a sweet promo with a grand prize that includes a $1,000 Liftopia Gift Credit, a $1,000 Evo Gift Credit, and a GoPro HERO3. Enter here for your chance to win!

Highline in print in Vail-Beaver Creek Magazine!


Check out what the writers of Vail Beaver Creak Magazine had to say about the Highline! Have you ever heard of the term "Girth-Hitches"? Well if you have, you're way smarter than us. Here's the definition: "A simple knot made with a runner or sling by wrapping it around a fixed object and looping it through itself". Great review and we learned something too!

Vail Beaver Creak Magazine mention:

THE 10TH DIVISION DIDN'T HAVE GORE-TEX. OR. Kevler. Nor did the cold warriors have iPhones. But if they had, they'd have asked their quartermasters to requisition Kenu's Highline ($19.95 at; available locally at Gorsuch), a Kevlar tether that docks with an iPhone and girth-hitches to a zipper or belt loop. With a touch of irony, that coiled bomb-proof leash resembles and old-school, analog phone cord. Now all we need is an app that turns that touch-tone finger pad into a rotary dial!

Kenu in the lap of mountain luxury!

We are now living the "High Life"! Kenu is proud to announce that Highline is available at Gorsuch, Colorado's premier all in one place for your high-end skiing/snowboarding needs. Much like Kenu, Gorsuch is inspired by "balancing the highest traditions of workmanship with demanding modern sensibilities." They are a true Colorado staple for locals and travelers alike, and will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year! Dip your toe into the lap of luxury and pick up a Highline at any of the 8 Gorsuch locations in Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Aspen and Snowmass and keep your 30 pin iPhone/iPod safe this year while on the mountain!

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