Help Us Provide Much Needed Face Masks to Doctors and Nurses in our Community


Help us bring face masks to health workers in the Bay Area and elsewhere to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

I'm Ken Minn, the Founder and CEO of Kenu, and right now we've pivoted our focus from making smartphone accessories to help provide face masks to the people who need them most. We've been fortunate enough to leverage our supply chain network in Asia to secure KN95 face masks (FDA/CE certified) from one of our factory partners, and we have already placed an order for 10,000 masks that will arrive in 7-10 days to our San Francisco warehouse. 

A $5 contribution will cover 2 masks to protect our friends and family on the front lines.

We've been able to negotiate our cost down to $2.30 per mask , which includes delivery from Asia to our warehouse, customs entry, and delivery to the hospitals. We're only asking for donations to cover our operational expenses so we can provide them to hospitals free of charge. For comparison, some U.S. hospitals affected by the shortage plan to pay up to $7/unit from a source in Mexico. Any funds we raise over our goal will go directly towards purchasing more PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies. 

"Right now, PPE is a critical limiting factor for us, forcing us to choose between performing necessary, urgent surgeries and protecting our health and the health of those we work with." 

-Dr. Dylan Chan, MD, phD; Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, UC San Francisco

We've been hearing from our own friends and family in health care that workers are being told to reuse one-time masks, or even bandanas! We believe our loved ones and community needs the best protection against infection that they can possibly get so we can flatten the curve as soon as possible.

KN95 masks are safe, effective, and certified.

KN95 masks are equivalent to 3M N95 masks, and have a 5-layer construction with >95% particle and bacterial filtration efficiency (PFE, BFE). They are also FDA, CE, EU-FFP2, and RoHs certified. Our factory partner is capable of producing 1 million KN95 face masks per day. All of their production capacity is currently reserved for China and Europe, but they have been kind enough to allocate masks to us for distribution in the U.S.

My hospital/clinic needs masks, how can I get them?

The initial distribution of masks will primarily go to Bay Area hospitals (Kaiser, UCSF, etc). If you would like us to distribute masks to a specific hospital group or area, please send us an email to Should we be able to get more masks allocated and shipped to us, we will make them available to hospitals at cost.

Thank you, and stay healthy!

Ken Minn
Founder and CEO
Kenu, Inc.

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