Airbase Magnetic | Premium Suction Mount

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Magnetic convenience with suction cup versatility.


Easily mount your phone one-handed and in clear view of the road. Featuring the power of six rare-earth magnets and an exclusive spring-steel thin magnetic plate. Lifetime Warranty.

Adhesive dashboard pad included with each mount ( exclusive).

Includes one (1) magnetic phone plate. Extra plates may be purchased here.


Phone Compatability | More Details | FAQ


Kenu Airbase Magnetic Car Suction Mount Dashboard Windshield Mount iPhone Samsung Cell Phone Car Holder

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Magnetic Attachment

Dashboard or Windshield

360° Pivot

Secure Suction Cup

It's simply magnetic.

Attaching your phone has never been easier.

Line of sight, peace of mind.

Keeps your vents free and your eyes up.

Kenu Airbase Magnetic Car Suction Mount Dashboard Windshield Mount iPhone Samsung Cell Phone Car Holder

Kenu Airbase Magnetic Car Suction Mount Dashboard Windshield Mount iPhone Samsung Cell Phone Car Holder Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets

Powerful rare-earth magnets.

Six neodymium magnets in a compact oval array pull your phone in tight.

Turn your phone more and turn your head less.

A smooth ball-and-socket joint lets you tilt and turn your phone to just the right viewing angle.

Kenu Airbase Magnetic Car Suction Mount Dashboard Windshield Mount iPhone Samsung Cell Phone Car Holder

Spring-steel phone plates.

Why spring steel? They have a higher magnetic attraction and are virtually indestructible. Includes one (1) plate, extra plates can be ordered here.

A convenient stand, anywhere.

Keep your phone handy and visible when you work.

Airbase Wireless Fast Qi Wireless Charging Car Charger Phone Suction Mount Windshield Dashboard

Designed for looks, engineered for function.

We looked to the best in car design for inspiration when designing Airbase Magnetic.

Phone Compatibility


iPhone 13 Pro Max | iPhone 13 Pro | iPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Mini | iPhone 12 Pro Max | iPhone 12 Pro | iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 Mini | iPhone 11 Pro Max | iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11 | iPhone Xs | iPhone Xs Max | iPhone XR | iPhone X | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8 | iPhone 7 Plus | iPhone 7 | iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone 6s | iPhone 6 Plus | iPhone 6 | iPhone SE | iPhone 5s | iPhone 5c | iPhone 5


Galaxy S21+ | Galaxy S21Ultra | Galaxy S21 | Galaxy Note 20 Ultra | Galaxy Note 20 | Galaxy S20+ | Galaxy S20Ultra | Galaxy S20 | Galaxy Note 10+ | Galaxy Note 10 | Galaxy S10+ | Galaxy S10 | Galaxy Note 9 | Galaxy S9+ | Galaxy S9 | Galaxy Note 8 | Galaxy Note 5 | Galaxy S8+ | Galaxy S8 | Galaxy S7 | Galaxy S7 Edge | Galaxy S6+ | Galaxy S6 | Galaxy S5


Pixel 6 | Pixel 5 | Pixel 5 XL | Pixel 5a  | Pixel 4 | Pixel 4 XL | Pixel 4a | Pixel 3 | Pixel 3a | Pixel 2 XL | Pixel 2 | Pixel XL | Pixel | Nexus 6P | Nexus 5x

Case Compatibility

Otterbox / Lifeproof

Device plate must be attached to the outside of weatherproof cases for strongest hold.

Apple / Google

Device plate must be attached underneath silicone, leather, or fabric cases.

Tech 21

Device plate can be attached to the outside or underneath most Tech21 cases.

More Details


PCABS, Polycarbonate, TPE, Zinc, Silicone, Stainless Steel, Steel, Polyurethane, PVC

Dimensions & Weight

Mount: H 3.2" x W 2.4" x D 3.2"  (H 81 mm x W 63 mm x D 82 mm) | 2.6 0z (75 g)

Device Plate: H 1.89" x W 1.89" x D 0.03" (48 mm x 48 mm x 0.7 mm) | 0.02 oz (0.56 g)  



US D831,666 S


Will Airbase Magnetic harm my phone's storage or GPS?

We've arranged the six neodymium magnets so the magnetic field won't affect or alter your phone's memory, or affect the internal compass.

Does Airbase Magnetic have Qi wireless charging?

No, but we are developing wireless charging mounts for the new iPhones and other Qi compatible phones. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest product news.

Where can I place Airbase Magnetic?

Airbase Magnetic is designed to install to smooth or lightly textures surfaces like a glass windshield or dashboard. It can also be applied to a smooth table or countertop.

How do I make the suction cup sticky again?

The adhesive gel can lose it's effectiveness as it picks up dust and dirt. Just gently clean the suction cup with soap and warm water, let dry, and it's as good as new.

Will the Device Plate affect my phone's wireless charging feature?

If you have a phone with wireless charging and wish to use it with a wireless charging base, the device plate must be placed in the lower half of the phone, otherwise the steel plate will block the charging receiver in the center of the phone.

Will the suction cup mark my dashboard?

The suction cup and adhesive gel are designed to provide maximum security on smooth and lightly textured surfaces. Because of the sticky nature of the gel and the strength of the suction cup, we don't recommend applying to leather or fabric dashboards as it may mark the surface, and it may create a temporary circular mark on standard dashboards. Please test for colorfastness and marking before applying, or attach to your windshield.

Are there laws restricting where I can install Airbase Magnetic?

Phone mount laws vary state by state, and there are certain states where a windshield mount is illegal, or must be placed as to not obstruct view. Please refer to your local laws before installing. In California, for example, a windshield mount must be placed as close to the bottom of the windsheid as possible.

Are import duties included in international shipping prices?

Our shipping prices do not include import duties or taxes (VAT, GST, customs, etc.). It is your responsibility to pay them at time of delivery.

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