Using Airframe Magnetic and Airbase Magnetic with Wireless Charging Phones

Device Plate Placement

To avoid interfering with your new phone's wireless charging coils, which are located in the center of the phone, just align the device plate with the bottom of the phone. This will also position your phone higher when mounted in your car, giving you a better view of the screen without taking your eyes off the road. Make sure to test the plate position with your particular phone and wireless charging base before removing the device plate's adhesive backing and applying to your phone. These mounts do not provide wireless charging


  • Danielle Wagner

    Thanks for the info. You might want to review the instructions on the card that came with the packaging. At the top, it shows the plate in the centre for the different surfaces that can be used….which led to my confusion.

  • rich torbeck

    I have a Ford edge with a textured dash to reduce glare (?) I was given a Airbase Premium from my daughter after moving her. the suction cup keeps failing after 15 min. on her car she has a round disc glue o that the suction mounts to.
    can I get one of these?

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