Apps that Drive Us this Halloween

We surveyed our staff to find out which hands-free apps they use in the car. Want to tell us yours? Take our Driver's Survey and get $5 Off your next order with us.


Favorite Navigation App: Waze

Blending A.I. traffic navigation with social media, add in custom avatars and a points tally, and Waze has turned our commute from a grind to a game, and we couldn't be happier. Just a warning, it does show location-relevant ads. Runners up: Google Maps, Glympse

Favorite Music App: Spotify

We've loved this streaming service ever since they've came on the scene with playlist sharing and the ability to stream your local music files. Runners Up: Pandora, Apple Music

Favorite Audio Book App: Audible

It's not just because we have a set of co-branded car mounts, but we've found that listening to audio books on long drives makes us feel more calm and productive, and with the Audible subscription service we get three titles per month for $14.95. Runner Up: Apple iBooks

Favorite Podcast App: Stitcher

Don't have time for an entire book? Podcasts are a great way to get caught up on your favorite topics and news. Stitcher is available for iOS and Android, plus it's free if you don't mind ads. Runner Up: Apple Podcast App

Favorite Road Trip: PCH to Big Sur

Now, where are we going when we're using these apps? From our office in San Francisco we have a number of great drive options, but taking the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur was the hands-down favorite. Runners up: Murphys, Lake Tahoe 72 mile drive

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