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    Expandable grip with stainless steel rods

    Holds Small-to-Medium Phones

    Portrait & landscape

    Air vent attachment

    Safely in View

    Airframe keeps your screen in sight and ready for GPS directions, music, and hands-free calls— no more fumbling for your phone! Remember to use your phone's voice command feature, follow your local laws, and never text while driving.

    Millions of Drivers Can't
    Be Wrong

    This mighty mount has been the favorite of commuters, road-trippers, and professionals around the world since 2013.

    The Original Rotating Vent Clip

    Our patented vent-clip first debuted on the original Airframe and rotates 360° to fit any vent angle or screen orientation, plus it has slots for both standard and thick vent slats. Featuring spring steel and German-engineered elastomer, it's a Kenu original.

    In a car or a plane, it's the perfect travel accessory.

    Why pay for expensive rental car navigation systems? Just bring Airframe+ and use your favorite app for directions. When you fly home and want to watch a movie on the plane, just slip a card into the vent clip and you have an instant kickstand!

    Phone Compatability


    iPhone 8 | iPhone 7 | iPhone 6s | iPhone 6 | iPhone SE | iPhone 5s | iPhone 5c | iPhone 5

    Does not fit Otterbox Defender or Lifeproof cases


    Galaxy Note S8 | Galaxy S7 | Galaxy S7 Edge | Galaxy S6+ | Galaxy S6 | Galaxy S5

    Does not fit Otterbox Defender or Lifeproof cases for Galaxy S8+ or Note 8


    Pixel 2 | Pixel | Nexus 5x

    More Details


    PCABS, TPE, Stainless Steel, Brass

    Dimensions & Weight

    W 2.7" x D 1.9" x H 1" (W 69 x D 48 x H 25mm) 1 oz (28g)


    Utility Patent 9080714
    Design Patent D750633


    Does Airframe work with my phone?

    Airframe fits iPhones and Android phones with 5" screens and smaller, including the iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and Samsung Galaxy S7. Airframe will not work with some larger cases, including waterproof-shockproof cases like Otterbox. For larger phones use Airframe+ or Airframe Pro.

    Will Airframe damage my car's air vent?

    No, the vent clip uses a soft, grippy elastomer to keep your car free from scratches.

    Is Airframe really the worlds smallest, most portable smartphone car mount?

    Airframe and Airframe+ are the original compact vent mounts! Accept no imitations! They both weigh about an ounce and are small enough to fit in your shirt or pants pocket.

    What is the difference between Airframe+ and Airframe?

    Airframe+ is designed for wider phones, phablets and cases, while Airframe works with smaller phones and cases up to 3 inches wide.

    Will Airframe+ work in my car?

    Airframe’s patented rotating clip works best with horizontal, vertical, or angled car iar vents with straight, flat slats. For circular vents like those in the Mercedes CLA or most MINI's, use Airframe Pro.

    Is Airframe available for distribution?

    Yes. Please email us at

    Does Airframe work in Landscape mode?

    Yes, assuming the make and model of your car’s air vent has enough space to display your phone horizontally.

    Are import duties included in international shipping prices?

    Our shipping prices do not include import duties or taxes (VAT, GST, customs, etc.). It is your responsibility to pay them at time of delivery.

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