Top 5 Reasons To Get Mom a Kenu Highline

Besides snowboarders, bikers, and world travelers, we at Kenu have been intensively testing the Highline with one of the most extreme and demanding groups out there: Moms. Here's a quote from a Mom on the front lines:

I'm so thankful for my Kenu Highline - it's saved my iPhone many times! It's so reassuring to know that it's tethered safely to my bag while the kids are having fun and keeping quietly occupied. Hooray for my Highline! — Tricia V, San Francisco

So with that in mind…

  1. Highline helps Mom find her iPhone in her purse, no matter how deep it’s been buried. Just follow the cord and never miss another phone call!
  2. iPhones and iPods are expensive and even the best insurance coverage eventually stops sending replacements. Highline prevents iPhones from being lost or broken, saving money.
  3. Moms juggle tons of stuff, from diaper bags to snacks and strollers. With all that stuff, little iPhones could slip away unnoticed. Highline makes sure Mom stays connected with her iPhone whether she’s getting out of the car or off the plane, with armfuls of stuff and kids in tow.
  4. Kids do the darndest things. Highline helps Mom take great photos while keeping her iPhone out of sand, snow, rocks, and the toilet. Eek!
  5. You love Mom, Mom loves her iPhone. Highline keeps them together.
Give Mom a Highline

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