Peace of mind for your iPhone 4/4s.

Highline is a (30 pin) iPhone bungee leash that truly cares about keeping you together with your phone no matter what. Highline keeps your phone safe from falls, accidental drops, absent mindedness and even deters theft.

“Just think of it as a bungee cable designed to provide peace of mind.” Gizmodo, Kevlar Tether Keeps Your iPhone From Plummeting To Its Death
“You lock your iPhone to the cable, attach the loop to your jacket, and go totally nuts.” TechCrunch, Hey, Bromasters, Take Your Kenu Highline On The Slopes When You Shred
“The Highline works. It holds tenaciously onto your iPhone or iPod touch and won’t let go until you tell it to.” Cult of Mac, The Highline iPhone Leash Is Totally Tough Enough
“Really useful for iPhoneographers! It allows you to take photos in places where you might be afraid that the phone will fall.” The Beginner's Lens, Kenu Highline
“Highline will give any active individual (traveler or otherwise) the piece of mind you need in making sure your phone never falls too far from your hands (and into the mouths of hungry gators) again.” Too Many Adapters, Kenu Highline Review: A Bungee Cord For Your Phone

Saves your iPhone.
Safe for your iPhone.

Highline is first and foremost safe for your iPhone and iPod. Its patent-pending design drastically reduces the stress on your device that pulling and twisting can cause. Simply attach your iPhone and rest assured that it'll be staying with you.

Stainless-steel anchors.
Security is a snap.

To attach Highline to your iPhone or iPod, simply slide the connector into the dock on the bottom of your device. To remove, press the buttons on the side and pull out.

Please note that Highline is only a leash, not a power charger, so please be sure to charge your iPhone or iPod before embarking on your adventures.

Kevlar loop. Attaches
to most anything.

There’s nothing quite as versatile as a loop. Highline’s abrasion-resistant Kevlar loop is super tough, yet thin enough to wrap around zippers, belt loops, d-rings, carabiners, and more.

Kevlar through and through. Goes 5 to 30" in just a stretch.

Highline’s coil is tough but compact, sliding into your pocket without crowding everything else out. Flexible and responsive, it goes from pocket to fully extended and back in moments.

Fun fact: To be super strong (and a little clever), Highline uses a continuous line of Kevlar from start to finish. This lets Highline withstand up to 30 pounds (15 kg) of force.


    Highline is designed for all 30 pin iPhones (4S, 4, 3GS, 3) and all 30 pin iPods (touch, classic, nano). Highline is not compatible with Apple iPod Shuffle or Lightning docks.


    Highline is an easy solution to a big problem. It is small, lightweight, and can easily fit into your pocket. Take it with you and keep your life simple!


    During your adventures in life, Highline is there to keep your iDevice safe. It helps save you and your bank account from the heartache of replacing your devices.


    Kevlar, (the stuff in bullet-proof vests) runs through the TPU coil of Highline, and the stainless steel locking mechanism connects into your phone.


    Height: 6 in (152 mm)
    Width: 1 in (25 mm)
    Depth: .5 in (13 mm)
    Weight: .2 oz (6 g)


    Loop and Coil Core: DuPont Kevlar fiber with Kevlar-braided sheath
    Stretchable Coil: Durable, high-quality TPU
    Connector: PC/ABS resin and stainless-steel hooks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Highline come in different colors?

    Not yet… Join our mailing list to be the first to know!

  • Does Highline work with iPhone 5/5s?

    Highline is currently designed for all 30 pin iPhones and iPods. Highline for iPhone 5/5s will launch Spring 2014. Thanks for your patience.

  • Does Highline work with my case?

    If you can charge your iPhone with your case on with the charger directly touching your iPhone, then Highline will work with your case. This means cases that only have a narrow opening for the charger, like Apple's iPhone Bumper, do not work with the Highline. Also, be aware that in order to remove Highline, you'll need to press the buttons on its side so if the case is very thick around the dock connector, you may have a more challenging time removing Highline.

  • Why won't Highline fit into my iPhone or iPod?

    If it's not working, you probably need to turn the Highline around. Make sure the Kenu logo on the Highline is facing the back of the phone and the coil is facing towards the front of the phone. Then hold down the buttons on the sides and the Highline should slide in easily.

  • Is Highline safe for my iPhone?

    Great lengths have been taken to ensure Highline protects your device from potentially fatal falls. That said, you will be disappointed with Highline if you decide to use your iPhone as a grappling hook, Skip-it, lasso, or sling shot.

    At the end of the day, the Highline is designed and tested to stay connected to your device so long as it is safe to do so. If forces are too great (over 30 pounds or 15 kg), Highline is designed to release your device without damaging it.

  • Does Highline work with Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry, or other devices?

    Highline is currently designed for 30 pin Apple iPhone and iPod only. Want Highline for your device? Contact us and let us know!

  • How can I make sure Highline will stay in my device?

    1. If you're using a case, make sure the case isn't getting in the way. Some cases, like Apple's iPhone Bumper, obstruct the connector opening and hence aren't compatible with Highline.
    2. Check to make sure there isn't lint or anything stuck on the inside of the dock.
    3. Push Highline all the way in. There shouldn't be any gap
    4. Be sure to test that Highline is secure by pulling on the cord.

  • Does Highline come with a warranty?

    Yes, the Highline comes with a two year warranty.

  • How does Highline connect to my device?

    The Highline connects to your iPhone or iPod through the 30 pin dock connector on the bottom of the device. Highline

  • Is Highline just for skiing and snowboarding?

    Though we at Kenu love winter sports, our customers find Highline useful while traveling, biking, fishing, boating and everyday life where you might drop, crack or lose your iPhone.

  • Does Highline work with Apple's iPad or iPad 2?

    No. Since the iPad is about 4 times heavier than iPhone or iPod, it's far too big for Highline. Highline also does not work with laptops, desktops, bowling balls, or children.

  • Does Highline work with Apple's iPod Shuffle?

    No. Since the iPod Shuffle lacks a dock connector, Highline would have nowhere to hold onto. Additionally, the earbuds attached to ones head when listening to the Shuffle should suffice for preventing most falls.

  • Where can I find images of the Highline for use on my blog or website?

    See our Press Page for fact sheets, press releases, and plenty of Highline pictures.

  • Are import duties included in international shipping prices?

    No. We ship Highlines DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) meaning that our international shipping prices don't include any import duties or taxes. It's your responsibility to pay them at time of delivery. You'll be billed by a 3rd party for these charges.