Setup - Airframe Pro


Will this work in my car?

Airframe Pro attaches best to air vents with flat, straight louvres. Refer to the image below.

Kenu Airframe Wireless Qi-Charging Car Vent Mount iPhone Samsung Compatible Car Air Vents
Will this work with my phone or case?

Airframe Pro fits phones and cases up to 3.7" (92 mm) in width and can accommodate most battery cases, PopSockets, and iRing accessories.

Will the vent clip damage or mark my car's vents?

The clip is deigned with non-marking elastomer, and if used properly will not damage your car's vents. Do not force the mount on or off the vent and take care when attaching and removing your phone.

Airframe Pro doesn't fit my vents, what now?

If you're having trouble with a specific vehicle, send us a note at and we'll help you find the right spot. If that doesn't work, we'd recommend trying Airbase Pro.