Setup - Airbase Pro


Where can I place Airbase Pro?

Airbase Pro is designed to install to smooth or lightly textures surfaces like a glass windshield or dashboard. It can also be applied to a smooth table or countertop.

How do I make the suction cup sticky again?

The adhesive gel can lose it's effectiveness as it picks up dust and dirt. Just gently clean the suction cup with soap and warm water, let dry, and it's as good as new.

Will the suction cup mark my dashboard?

The suction cup and adhesive gel are designed to provide maximum security on smooth and lightly textured surfaces. Because of the sticky nature of the gel and the strength of the suction cup, we don't recommend applying to leather or fabric dashboards as it may mark the surface, and it may create a temporary circular mark on standard vinyl dashboards. Please test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness and marking before applying.

Are there laws restricting where I can install Airbase Pro?

Phone mount laws vary state by state, and there are certain states where a windshield mount is illegal, or must be placed as to not obstruct view. Please refer to your local laws before installing. In California, for example, a windshield mount must be placed as close to the bottom of the windsheid as possible.