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“You lock your iPhone to the cable, attach the loop to your jacket, and go totally nuts.” TechCrunch, Hey, Bromasters, Take Your Kenu Highline On The Slopes When You Shred
“Just think of it as a bungee cable designed to provide peace of mind.” Gizmodo, Kevlar Tether Keeps Your iPhone From Plummeting To Its Death
“The Highline works. It holds tenaciously onto your iPhone or iPod touch and won’t let go until you tell it to.” Cult of Mac, The Highline iPhone Leash Is Totally Tough Enough

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“It's quite sleek and low profile. I would not be ashamed to wear this in public.” Captain and Clark, Travel Gear. Never drop your iphone again!
“A bungee cord for your phone so you don’t ever drop it on the ground again.” Legal Nomads, Technology and Travel Resources
“As someone who has a tendency to drop things, the Highline has kept my phone crack-free.” SilverKris, Techie Tools for Travel
“It’s great for nights out on the town (how many people lose their phones in cabs because they fall out of their pockets, I ask you), hiking, biking, avoiding theft while traveling, bungee jumping.” Momtrends, Kenu Highline iPhone Leash Review
“Keeps you organized and from dropping your phone. I really needed it a few weeks ago when I drove off with my phone on the hood of my car.” Goldfish Kiss, Dream Beach Bag
“Really useful for iPhoneographers! It allows you to take photos in places where you might be afraid that the phone will fall.” The Beginner's Lens, Kenu Highline
“Highline will give any active individual (traveler or otherwise) the piece of mind you need in making sure your phone never falls too far from your hands (and into the mouths of hungry gators) again.” Too Many Adapters, Kenu Highline Review: A Bungee Cord For Your Phone
“Any accidental drops will see your iDevice safe and sound instead of smashed into tiny, tiny pieces.” iDownloadBlog, Kevlar Tether Keeps Your iPhone On a Leash So You Can Live Like a Daredevil
“Equal parts Sky Mall foolishness and pure genius” Four Pins, This iPhone Leash Is Kind Of Dumb, But Kind Of Practical
“This is a must for any skier on your holiday list.” TheBIT.TV, Kenu Highline

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