Praise for Highline


"The only time I've dropped my iPhone was when I forgot my Highline" - Derek G, Seattle Bike Commuter


"I'm so thankful for my Kenu Highline—it's saved my iPhone many times! It's so reassuring to know that it's tethered safely to my bag while the kids are having fun and keeping quietly occupied. Hooray for my Highline!" - Tricia V

"It is my sanity. When my phone is attached, I do not worry." - Jenny R

"My iPhone is not only my phone but also the keeper of my most precious memories, the thing that gets me and my son everywhere on time (barring human interference), entertains my child when I need a 5 minute Mommy break and and makes sure I don't forget anything at the grocery store! I'd be lost without it. With Kenu Highline that's one less thing for me to keep track of! Thanks Kenu Highline for thinking of us Moms!" - Jesse D