Stance+ 10-in-1 Smartphone Super Gadget Compatible with MagSafe®+ Universal

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The world’s first 10-in-1 smartphone super gadget that is compatible with MagSafe®.

Stance+® is a multi-purpose mount crafted with premium anodized aluminum that replaces nearly all your smartphone accessories. Smaller than a credit card and .3"(8mm) thin, and weighing 3.2oz(91g), it has 10+ functions by transforming (like origami) to hold your smartphone hands-free with ease at home, in the office, and on the road.

Stand It

Prop your phone at the perfect viewing angle on any flat or uneven surface to watch videos, shoot the perfect selfies at any angle, and take hands-free video calls.

Watch It

Convert your airplane tray or brochure pocket into the perfect hands-free mount to watch your favorite shows or play games on your next flight.

Wrap It

Wrap Stance+ around ski poles for family selfies, grocery carts to view your shopping list, and endless other objects to use your phone hands-free.

Hold It

Transform Stance+ into a finger grip for one-handed operations like watching movies in bed, scrolling through social media and texting.

Vent It

Rotate the lower back panel of Stance+ at a 90 degree angle to reveal two hooks that can be used on a car’s vent/louver to hold your phone while driving in portrait and landscape.


Rotate the top back panel of Stance+ at a 90 degree angle and insert it into a car's CD slot to hold your phone in either portrait and landscape.

Selfie It

Deploy Stance+ into its full open position as a selfie stick to take group shots.

Shoot It

Using the same configuration as “Wrap It”, Stance+ also becomes a handy side-grip to shoot more stable videos in both portrait or landscape mode.

Attract It

Utilizing 4 powerful neodymium magnets, Stance+ attaches to any ferrous metal object such as a refrigerator, stove, metal pole or automobile to watch DIY cooking videos, position your phone's flashlight, and of course take selfies.

Plate It

Magnetically attach Stance+ virtually anywhere using the (included) metal plate that features a high-bond polyurethane adhesive that can be reused. This plate can attach to surfaces such as a laptop, car dash, Tesla screen, glass, wood, tile, etc.

Compatible with MagSafe® + Universal for ALL Smartphones

Stance+ is compatible with MagSafe® iPhone 12 or newer, and made to live on your phone all day, every day. If you need to wirelessly charge, simply remove Stance+ from your phone. It even comes with a metal ring that can be added to any other smartphone such as Pixel, Samsung, older iPhones
and non-rubberized cases.

One Magsafe-compatible "mag-ring" will be included with each Stance+, along with the larger "mag-plate" shown in "Plate It" above.

How to wirelessly charge?

Add the included metal ring to your wireless charger and connect Stance+.

Customize Stance+ with laser engraving

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"...the configurations are endless, really."

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