Highline in print in Vail-Beaver Creek Magazine!


Check out what the writers of Vail Beaver Creak Magazine had to say about the Highline! Have you ever heard of the term "Girth-Hitches"? Well if you have, you're way smarter than us. Here's the definition: "A simple knot made with a runner or sling by wrapping it around a fixed object and looping it through itself". Great review and we learned something too!

Vail Beaver Creak Magazine mention:

THE 10TH DIVISION DIDN'T HAVE GORE-TEX. OR. Kevler. Nor did the cold warriors have iPhones. But if they had, they'd have asked their quartermasters to requisition Kenu's Highline ($19.95 at kenu.com; available locally at Gorsuch), a Kevlar tether that docks with an iPhone and girth-hitches to a zipper or belt loop. With a touch of irony, that coiled bomb-proof leash resembles and old-school, analog phone cord. Now all we need is an app that turns that touch-tone finger pad into a rotary dial!

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