Kenu Canvas makes its debut at NY Fashion Week!



We are so excited to have made our first foray into the New York fashion scene by partnering with the ever stylish StyleCaster just in time for New York Fashion Week! StyleCaster is proud to continue their tradition of supporting the ever-powerful art community with a new limited-edition iPhone case collection from yours truly! 
The latest StyleCaster collaboration features Curtis Kulig, the creator of “Love Me,” as well as the founders of DEER DANA, Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel, who bring high-end art to the shirt on your back.
Having translated their talent into everything from Fashion's Night Out installations to Opening Ceremony apparel, both Love Me and DEER DANA embody the democratization of style, StyleCaster's core value. We can take style with us wherever we go, and further our mission of bringing STYLE TO THE PEOPLE.

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