Simple. Elegant. Hands-free.

Welcome to an improved driving experience with Airframe, the world’s most portable car mount for smartphones. Just attach Airframe on to any air vent and insert your smartphone. It's that simple. Airframe weighs less than an ounce and makes the perfect companion for everyday use, vacations and business trips.

“The world’s most portable car mount for smartphones.” Mashable, 10 Best iPhone Car Mounts
“Its small size makes it a good travel companion for rental cars.” The Wirecutter, Best Smartphone Car Mount
“This little device from Kenu turns any air vent into a phone mount.” Cool Hunting, Airframe Portable Phone Mount
“The Kenu Airframe is simplicity defined.” TUAW, An ingenious car mount for your iPhone
“A tiny smartphone mount which clips to the louvers of your car’s ventilation holes and hugs the phone tightly.” Cult of Mac, Airframe, The Pocket-Sized Car Mount for iPhones
“The Airframe looks a lot more stable than suction-cup smartphone mounts and it doesn’t block any part of the windshield.” GottaBeMobile, $25 Dashboard Mount fits iPhone 5, Galaxy S3
“The only car mount you will ever need.” The Examiner, The Best Universal Car Mount for any Smartphone
“Very small, very light and very functional, the Airframe will ensure your phone does not tumble around on the dash or the console or the seat, and keeps this increasingly important device in plain view but not obstructing your view.” National Post, CARgo: Gear for the ubiquitous smartphone in your life
“The Kenu Airframe is exactly what I was looking for.” Terry White, I found the perfect smartphone car mount
“The Airframe is an elegant, modern looking solution for your car mount.” Android Dissected, Kenu Airframe Reviewed
“For those of you who travel a lot and rent a car this mount is all you need.” AppRadioWorld, Portable Car Mount


Keep your smartphone in sight at eye level and ready for GPS directions, streaming music, and hands-free calls. Airframe eliminates fumbling searches, looking away from the road, and other unsafe behaviors.


Airframe’s spring loaded expandable jaw securely holds most smartphones (up to 5" screens), including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, BlackBerry phones, and Windows phones. It also works with most cases.


Our patent-pending design uses a rotating clip, that securely mounts Airframe onto any vent (horizontal, vertical, or angled). Soft, over–molded grips keep your car free from scratches.


Insert any card from your wallet into the rotating clip, and Airframe transforms into the ultimate hands-free stand. Airframe works in portrait and landscape format, perfect for watching videos or playing games on flights and train rides.


    Airframe's simple, yet highly functional design does not require any suctions cups, adhesives, magnets, or special cases.


    Airframe allows easy access to audio cables, and power cords! Keep your phone charged while listening to your favorite tunes.


    Airframe consists of ABS, TPE, stainless steel, and zinc alloy.


    Measurements: 2.6" x 1.8" x 0.9" (67.5 x 45 x 24mm) Weight: .8 oz (23g)

Please never text while driving and obey the hands-free laws, as directed by your State or Province.


  • Does Airframe work with my phone?

    Airframe works with all iPhones, and all other smartphones up to a 5 inch display with a standard case. The Airframe will not work with tablets.

  • Will Airframe damage my air vent?

    Nope. Airframe’s clip uses a soft grippy over-molded material to keep your car free from scratches.

  • Is Airframe really the worlds smallest, most portable smartphone carmount?

    It sure is! Airframe weighs under an ounce and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

  • What is the difference between Airframe+ and Airframe?

    Airframe+ is designed for wider phones, phablets and cases than Airframe. Airframe+ works with phones or cases up to 3.4 inches wide, while Airframe works with phones and cases up to 3 inches wide.

  • Will Airframe work with my air vent?

    Yes! Airframe’s patent pending rotating clip works with horizontal, vertical, angled, and circular vents. Basically, any air vent that has a louver.

  • Is Airframe available for distribution?

    Yes. Please email us at sales@kenu.com.

  • Does Airframe work in Landscape mode?

    Yes, assuming the make and model of your car’s air vent has enough space to display your phone horizontally.

  • Are import duties included in international shipping prices?

    Our shipping prices do not include import duties or taxes (VAT, GST, customs, etc.). It is your responsibility to pay them at time of delivery.