Highline for iPhone 6 coming this winter


Ultimate protection for your iPhone 5/5s.

Highline for iPhone 5/5s is a clever security leash and protective case system that provides peace of mind while capturing photos and video in the most precarious situations. Whether you are on a chairlift, whale watching, zip–lining, rock climbing, or entertaining your child, Highline will be there to provide the ultimate protection for your iPhone.

“Just think of it as a bungee cable designed to provide peace of mind.” Gizmodo, Kevlar Tether Keeps Your iPhone From Plummeting To Its Death
“You lock your iPhone to the cable, attach the loop to your jacket, and go totally nuts.” TechCrunch, Hey, Bromasters, Take Your Kenu Highline On The Slopes When You Shred
“The Highline works. It holds tenaciously onto your iPhone or iPod touch and won’t let go until you tell it to.” Cult of Mac, The Highline iPhone Leash Is Totally Tough Enough
“Really useful for iPhoneographers! It allows you to take photos in places where you might be afraid that the phone will fall.” The Beginner's Lens, Kenu Highline
“Highline will give any active individual (traveler or otherwise) the piece of mind you need in making sure your phone never falls too far from your hands (and into the mouths of hungry gators) again.” Too Many Adapters, Kenu Highline Review: A Bungee Cord For Your Phone

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Protective Case

Highline's elegant snap–on case is made of tough polycarbonate. Equipped with an enclosed top and screen protective rim, it provides added drop protection, while the UV coated, crystal clear finish allows the beauty of your iPhone to show through.

Lightning Lock

The proprietary Lightning Lock system safely plugs into the iPhone's lightning port while locking to a tiny notch in the case to create a simple, yet secure connection. Just click–in and click–out.

Elastic Leash

Highline’s coil is tough but compact, sliding into your pocket without crowding everything else out. Flexible and responsive, it goes from pocket to fully extended and back in moments. Reinforced with braided Kevlar, it can handle your toughest test.

Kevlar Loop Attachment

The abrasion–resistant Kevlar loop is super tough, yet thin enough to wrap around zippers, belt loops, stroller straps, purse handles, d–rings, carabiners, and more.


    During your adventures in life, Highline is there to keep your iPhone 5/5s at your side no matter what. It helps save you and your bank account from the heartache of replacing your device.


    Highline is an easy solution to a big problem… keeping your phone safe. Minimal in its design, the case is elegant while the leash is tough and compact. Take it with you and keep your life simple!


    Using the highest quality materials, Highline’s coil has a tough Kevlar core (the stuff in bullet-proof vests) and the polycarbonate case will keep your iPhone safe from disaster.


    The Highline has been engineered to work specifically with your iPhone 5/5s for precise fit and functionality. Do you have an older model? Check out Highline 30–pin


    Height: 6 in (152 mm)
    Width: 1 in (25 mm)
    Depth: .5 in (13 mm)
    Weight: .2 oz (6 g)


    Loop and Coil Core: DuPont Kevlar fiber with Kevlar-braided sheath
    Stretchable Coil: Durable, high-quality TPU
    iPhone 5/5s Case: Polycarbonate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Highline come in different colors?

    Not yet, we are keeping the case clear to allow the natural beauty of your iPhone 5/5s to shine through.

  • Does Highline 5/5s also work with 5c?

    No, unfortunately the dimensions of the 5c are different than the iPhone 5 and 5s dimensions. However, it’s in our product hopper.

  • Does Highline for iPhone 5/5s come with a warranty?

    Yes, the Highline comes with a one year warranty.

  • Why won’t Highline for iPhone 5/5s fit any of my other devices?

    The case is measured to specifically fit the iPhone 5 and 5s as they have the same dimensions.

  • Does Highline for iPhone 5/5s work with any other devices?

    Not yet, but please offer your suggestions at info@kenu.com.

  • Is Highline just for skiing and snowboarding?

    Though we at Kenu love winter sports, we find Highline for iPhone 5/5s useful while traveling, biking, fishing, boating, and everyday life.

  • Can I use my own case and attach the leash to it?

    You will not be able use your own case, as Highline’s leash and case are engineered to work together.

  • Will there be a Highline for future iPhone models?

    You bet! :)

  • Are import duties included in international shipping prices?

    No. We ship Highline for iPhone 5/5s DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) meaning that our international shipping prices don't include any import duties or taxes. It's your responsibility to pay them at time of delivery. You'll be billed by a 3rd party for these charges.