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    The Kenu Blog

    Snowboarding + iPhotography + Australia = Win

    Snowboarding aficionado and iPhone photographer fan Norman P sent us some fantastic pics from Australia. As part of our Show Kenu program, we've set Norman up with some Highlines for him to keep shooting awesome pics and video without worrying about losing those pictures! We're super excited to see more pics soon!


    TechCrunch covers Highline!

    Our friends at TechCrunch have covered the Kenu Highline! Here's a taste:

    "So this is the Kenu Highline. It’s basically a locking connector, a coiled cable, and a little loop. You lock your iPhone to the cable, attach the loop to your jacket, and go totally nuts. Attach it to anything. Your jacket. Your bropurse. Your 7 Jeans with the big, tribal stitching. Anything"

    Read the review at TechCrunch

    Highline Review at The Beginner's Lens

    The iPhone photography experts at The Beginner's Lens reviewed the Kenu Highline!

    "It allows you to take photos in places where you might be afraid that the phone will fall. We’ve all been there…standing on the side of a bridge or a viewing platform holding your phone on the ledge to sturdy it and praying someone doesn’t come behind you and bump you sending your phone sailing right off the ledge! If you had the Highline attached to your phone, there would be no need to worry, even if the worst happened, your phone would remain safe and secure and in turn you would be able to get those really awesome shots that require a bit of iPhone acrobatics."

    Read the whole thing at The Beginner's Lens 

    Tom Zikas: Photoshoot Tahoe


    This weekend we went out and hit the slopes with the amazing photographer Tom Zikas, Lake Tahoe photographer, former pro-snowboarder, X Games judge, and awesome guy. Though there wasn't too much snow sticking, we still managed to get some awesome shots, Tom knows his lighting and equipment! Check out more awesome photos at Tom Zikas' website.

    Here's some more behind the scenes photos from the shoot: